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Produce Junction in Hatboro

Produce Junction in Hatboro is your one stop destination for all your fruit and vegetable needs.  After recently getting involved with juicing I quickly learned that there is a lot of waste when juicing.  While this is mostly pulp it still takes a lot of produce to make one healthy glass of juice.  Besides feeling like I was wasting a lot of the produce I also knew that I was wasting a lot of money.

Up until now, our fruits and vegetables were being bought from Giant grocery store.  My wife reminded me that there was a Produce Junction in Hatboro.  After planning  multiple trips (make sure you read the hours below) we finally decided to take an hour on Sunday, save some money and head over to Produce Junction in Hatboro.

Thankfully there is a large parking lot located right off of York Road behind Produce Junction.  This place can get quite crowded; personally I feel it’s because of the somewhat limited hours.  Don’t get overwhelmed when you enter.  Around the exterior of the store you will find some plants and flowers and I think I saw birdhouses as well.  In the middle of the store are bins with different fruit or vegetable collections, for example one was different types of lettuce and another was different types of root vegetables.   FYI. Keep your fruits and vegetables separate in the cart.

Produce Junction in Hatboro is basically divided into two zones.  You will see the large whiteboards above each Produce Junction Hatborosection.  There is one for fruits on the back of the store and vegetables when you first enter. It looked like the freshest or most popular was right being the cashier and the rest was on the list.  If there is a line, it goes very quickly with the cashiers quickly picking your request and making change for customers.  Remember that it is only cash.  A half hour and $40.00 later we left Produce Junction in Hatboro with a large box and multiple shopping bags filled with fresh fruit and vegetables.  We know where we will be doing all of our Produce shopping in the future.


Produce Junction in Hatboro offers locally-grown produce at very reasonable rates. A large selection of seasonable fruits and vegetables are all available. Its staff is friendly and informative, and although they only take cash, there is an ATM on-site.  Hatboro is a great area with a cool mainstreet.  If you ever though of searching for the small town feel but close to everything, Hatboro has some great homes for sale.

Hours: Mon - Fri, 8am - 6pm; Sat, 8am - 5:30pm; Sun, 8am - 4pm

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