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Dec. 6, 2011

11 Reasons to List Your Home During the Holidays

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Unless you have been living under a rock you are aware that we are in the middle of the 2011 Holiday Season.   For every 10 people that I talk to that is thinking about selling their ...

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Sept. 5, 2011

Do you want to make money on your unwanted items?

Brotherly Love AuctionsDo you have unwanted items in your home?  Having a hard time clearing out that garage or attic?  Did a family member recently pass away and your not sure what to do with their belongings? Now is your chance to earn some money on your unwanted items.

Brotherly ...

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Feb. 21, 2011

What do Home Sellers want from a Realtor?

I am sure this question has been asked numerous times by members of the real estate community and also discussed among the general public.   There have been many studies, polls, debates, and surveys’ trying to ultimately decide what is on the minds of potential home sellers and what are ...

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